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Kokatat - Expedition Dry Suit (man and woman models)


Kokatat - Expedition Dry Suit (man model) Kokatat - Expedition Dry Suit (woman model)


The products have been tested over a period of 30 days during a kayak trip on Spitsbergen. The weather varied between sun and calm to storm and snow. The temperature varied between -1 degree C and +10 degree C.

The paddle suit gave a very positive impression, and we would like to give it our recommendation. This goes for both the man and woman model. Below follow some comments on what we thought was good and what may be improved:

- The suits are completely dry when in the water.
- The sweat transportation of the suits is very good. The male member of the paddle trip is usually sweating like a horse, but has kept almost completely dry in these suits!
- The suits are generally very durable. Some exceptions; see below.
- The suits fit very well and ensure proper freedom of movement during paddling. They are actually also excellent to use during tent raising and camp activities on rainy and snowy days after paddling.

Possible improvements:
- The drop seat zippers could be a bit longer to avoid squeezing the zipper ends between kayak seat and hips.
- The socks could have been made in a more durable material. We understand that they are intended to be used in paddling boots, but as we prefer paddling in sandals they are easily punctured or thorn due to sand and pebble intrusion between sandal and sock (the pebbles are very sharp at Spitsbergen).
- The main zipper locks corrode pretty easily. This did not present a big problem on this trip, but the zippers of course need very regular maintenance.
- The zipper locks on the pockets on MsFit Tour PFD and the left arm zipper on the woman suit have a tendency to hook onto each other during paddling. Maybe it is an idea to turn the left arm zipper so that the zipper lock is furthest away from the PFD when in closed position.